Monday, August 21, 2006

Topamax Salvation

Um, yeah, so I started the um, what's it called? Um, that's right "dope-a-max". And now I am like borderline retarded. I guess that is a small price to pay for not wanting to throw up, right?
So far the side effects are pretty shitty, but ANYTHING is tolerable if the drug keeps me from binging food and or throwing up!

I have horrendous insomnia. I mean it is BAD. Also, I can't drink my diet pepsi, flavored water or beer. It all tastes like ass. It's weird, other people have described it as everything tasting flat but for me it is more like it tastes extra spicy. I can't describe it really. I dunno. It sucks though. I only like plain water. And I always hated plain water. Oh, I can also handle Kahlua and milk (haha). I also have really weird stomach pains. But maybe that is from actually digesting food for once.

Lets' see, what else? I just feel lost. I'm glad I am a state worker and don't have much of a real job to do because boy would I be in trouble. Wow. I am constantly thirsty and peeing about 100 times per day. Lets' see what I accomplished at work today...

Got in late because I had to get blood work.
Logged in to my computer. Went pee.
Bitched about my friend's bridal shower we are planning and how fucking cheap everyone is being. Went pee.
Took a nice brisk 30 minute walk on my 15 minute break. (haha) Went pee.
Sat at my desk for a while and looked up Topamax side effects. Checked email, etc. Went pee.
Left work for a long lunch to meet with my nutritionist. Went pee there. Went pee when I got back.
Came back and took my real lunch and went pee.
Met with my boss briefly, went pee.
Met with two of my workers who had questions, went pee.
Blogged, now I have to go pee again!

Another productive day has come to a close... :)


Blogger SCH said...

So can we call you "P girl" now? :)

4:17 PM  
Blogger Tacogirl said...

is that "P" for pee or psycho? HAHA!

11:14 AM  
Blogger SCH said...

Well I was going for Pee Girl, but I suppose it could be Psycho now also since you brought it up!! :)

7:23 PM  
Blogger dark_one said...

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4:55 AM  

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